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FIRST Steamworks 2017

Sehome Seamonsters- Week 4 Update!

Week 4 has come to a close here at Seamonsters robotics and we’ve into working on specific details for aspects of our robot. Some of our achievements from this week include:

  1. Prototyping ball storage and agitator mechanisms.
  2. Deciding we will use a spinning agitator under a false floor.

Sehome Seamonsters- Week 3 Update!

Week 3 is at an end and we find ourselves much further along in the production of our robot. This week we’ve been able to move more into the testing phase. Our accomplishments from the week include:

  1. Attaching the rope climber and gear box to the robot. The rope climber could use some modification to make things smoother, but both systems work well overall.
  2. Team members practicing driving so we can determine who our drivers will be at competitions.
  3. Testing code for the rope climber and the robot in general.

Sehome Seamonsters- Week 2 Update!

Week 2 is coming to a close and we’re on track for manufacturing a steaming hot robot. Our achievements this week include:

  1. Almost completing our drive base.
  2. Building and testing a flywheel shoot.
  3. Finishing CAD work on the rope climber and gear box.
  4. Making huge progress on vision processing with retro-reflective tape and sample images.

Sehome Seamonsters- Week 1 Update!

Here at Seamonsters Robotics we’re gearing up for a new season and we’re very excited about the competition. We have new leadership this year and a much more organized process for building our robot that we believe will bring us success. Some of our accomplishments from Week 1 are:

  1. Figuring out our game strategy and what systems we want on our robot.  We prioritized gears and the rope but we’re also going to include a shooter.
  2. Having a complete CAD of our drive base and beginning CAD on our Gear Loader and Rope Climber.
  3. Manufacturing a loading station and davit.
  4. Ordering parts necessary for manufacturing.
  5. Setting up the firmware on RoboRio and setting up a Raspberry Pi for vision processing.
  6. Updating team member profiles under the “Meet Our Team!” page.



FIRST Stronghold 2016

Sehome Seamonsters- Week 6 Update!

The build season has reached its end and we here at Seamonsters Robotics are ready for the competitions! Every aspect of our robot is 100% completed and ready to compete. We’re still currently working out the details for the layout of our pit. It’s been a great 6 weeks so far of working hard together as a team to build this robot. We’ve persevered through all challenges and issues presented and have grown closer as a team. A big thanks to everyone for participating this year and to our mentors for their consistent support and advice! Also, don’t forget to check out the Week 6 video.

Sehome Seamonsters- Week 5 Update!

It’s the end of week 5 and some much needed progress has been made here at Sehome Robotics. Our achievements from this week include:

1. Finishing drive and shooter code for the robot.

2. Rebuilding the shooter.

3. Completing the drive base and electronics board which is much more organized. The shooter has also been attached to the base.

4. Filming of the Week 5 video, by Eric Newcomer,

5. Getting the camera working for the robot.

6. Tuning fly wheels.

Sehome Seamonsters- Week 4 Update!

Week 4 has come to a close and we’ve made some big decisions on what we’re going to do with our robot. Our accomplishments from this week are:

1. Building two drive bases and deciding to use the Omni wheel drive as our actual base.

2. Writing test code for the robot.

3. Constructing the arm– still in progress.

4. Designing the pit for competitions.

5. Filming the Week 4 update, by Eric Newcomer,

Sehome Seamonsters- Week 3 Update!

The end of week three has arrived and we find ourselves closer and closer to being able to begin building our final robot. Our successes include:

1. Constructing the high goal to practice shooting on.

2. Writing test code for the robot.

3. Finishing our feeder and shooter that will go on the actual robot.

4. Machining all parts necessary for the drive base.

5. Filming the Week 3 video, by Eric Newcomer,

Sehome Seamonsters- Week 2 Update!

Another great week here at Seamonsters Robotics! Our achievements from Week 2 consist of:

 1. Completing the 9 defenses– we finished the sally port and the cheval-de-frise.

2. Prototyping a quality shooter with aluminum .

3. Building a drive train from the kit of parts with an attached electronics board to test intake hole for frame.

4. Having a design for our drive train.

5. Making CAD models for many aspects of the robot, such as the drive train, shooter, and other important 3D printable parts.

6.  Crimping new motors.

7.  Creating a closed-loop code to test with fly wheels

8.  Making another video for Week 2, created by Eric Newcomer,

Sehome Seamonsters – Week 1 Update!

What an awesome week of productivity here at Sehome High School in the Seamonster’s Workshop. Our team accomplishments include:

1. Building 7 of the 9 defenses– the ramparts, portcullis, rock wall, rough terrain, draw bridge, moat, and low bar. Next we will construct the sally port and the cheval-de-fries. 

2. Prototyping and testing a fly wheel system with success, but we will continue to make further adjustments as needed.

3. Assembling a prototype drive base for the robot.

4. Control Systems updated software to 2016 National Instruments Software and PYFRC, wrote test code for prototypes, and received and prepared new hardware.

5. Filming of  Seamonsters Week 1 video done by Eric Newcomer:

6. Having fun!

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