St. Louis World Championships April 2015

Thank you for all of your support as we traveled to and from St. Louis. A special thanks to all of our mentors, sponsors, and especially parents who made it happen!

Here is a video highlighting our experience, it was truly amazing!

 And here is a direct link to the blog that we made while we were there!


We qualified for the FIRST Championship!!

After two great performances at this year’s Auburn Mountainview and Mt. Vernon District events, finishing qualifications as alliance captains both times and advancing to the playoff rounds, we qualified and competed at the PNW First District Championship in Cheney, WA. Despite not being picked for an alliance in the finals, our solid performances (finishing 22nd out of 64 strong teams) and a bonus for winning the Industrial Design award meant that we racked up enough points to place 30th in the entire Pacific Northwest region and qualify for the FIRST Championship event in St. Louis.

You can see more about the FIRST Championship at US First’s website. Over 600 teams compete, and the event features the best FIRST programs from around the United States–and the world!

Below is a blog we kept during the competition!


Saturday, April 25th, 6am – 11pm (Finals and Closing Ceremonies)

Today was the last day of Competition, and it started with Awards and Alliance Selections! We were judged between two divisions, the Archimedes subdivision and the Tesla subdivision. George and Zach went as two representatives to receive any awards, but came back empty handed. The same happened for Alliance Selections, and so we concluded our personal 2015 FRC season!!

But the day was far from over. For the next six hours we took some time to pack up all of our things, stow the robot back in its crate, and clean our Pit area. But we also spent a lot of time watching other robots. It was amazing to then watch our sub division as well as many others compete through playoffs, and try and get their averages high enough to win their sub division.  We had front row seats, and the last bits of competition played out right in front of us. The crowd was also spectacular. Over 40,000 people were watching, cheering, dancing, and enjoying the show.

The final two alliances faced off and teams 118, 1678, and 1910 won the world Championship!! We then walked over to the opposite side of the stadium for the closing ceremonies. More awards were handed out, Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers both talked, and we watched a Professional DJ, listened to the past winner of “The Voice”, and a few of us stayed to watch the “Band Boys like Girls”. Eddie caught a thrown guitar pick, Zach got a drumstick, and Liam got a “Food Service” Sign. This was an amazing ending to our season, a great week of late night dinners, learning from teams all over the world, stacking totes, throwing noodles, and working to better our team this spring and next year.


4/23/25 Late evening (Team Meeting)


4/23/15 – Thursday (Qualification Matches and Opening Ceremonies)

Good morning teams, Zach says hello!
Good morning teams, Zach says hello!

Not gonna lie, waking up this morning was a bit of a struggle. What’s 6 AM here is 4 AM over in Bellingham which is pretty off putting when dealing with a lack of good coffee, but we were alive (mostly)! With a quick breakfast, we made it over to the stadium and pit area at 8, ready to prepare for our first qualification match which was at about 9:47.

While I didn’t spend much time in our pit area, I did spend most of my day running around talking to all the other teams participating in this event about how they run their team, their business plans, and all that fun junk. What was truly amazing was the variety of people involved in FIRST. I was able to talk to team 3132 who flew all the way from Australia, team 4953 from China, team 5625 from Hawaii, and a ton more!

Selfie with this cool cat from Hawaiian team 5625
Selfie with this cool cat from Hawaiian team 5625

 Seeing how other teams from all over function, distribute work, and in general solve problems in different ways is really eye opening and what I’ve learned is definitely something I’ll be hoping to help apply to our team.

After lunch, I had the opportunity to attend a FIRST Ladies conference where many other girls from teams and I were able to speak one on one with women in STEM carriers about their experiences in the field and how they worked up to that point in their lives. The conference was greatly empowering and I made a few good friends too!

At around five after our last match of the day we headed over to Pappy’s, a barbecue place about ten minutes away from the field where I had probably some of the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever eaten. Fiamma still reigns supreme though.

After BBQ, we returned to the stadium for the opening ceremonies. We arrived in the stands basically bombarded by paper planes being thrown from all over the stands in an attempt to get a plane onto the stage. After a sixth second count down, the FIRST anthem was performed for the first time.

There were a lot of lasers and flashing lights. Almost too many
There were a lot of lasers and flashing lights. Almost too many

This was followed by the introduction of multiple spokesman of FIRST sponsors speaking about the importance of STEM education and the amazing impact of FIRST in our world. They also announced the Dean’s List winners, individuals who have truly reflected FIRST’s values, are leaders in their community, and much more.

To wrap it all up and truly begin our events here at Worlds, the national anthem was sung and we were dismissed.

Overall, the day has been such an experience. I’m enjoying every second of it and looking forward to the rest of the competition!

Good night, St Louis!
Good night, St Louis!

Cai Wang


A photo from inside the field area (inside the St. Louis Rams football stadium) showing just 3 of the 8 match fields – this event is huge!

4/22/2015 – Wednesday (Registration and Practice Matches)

 We had a late start today waking up around 8;30. The morning was very lade back and was spent in the hotel room. At 11:45 we loaded up the van and headed down to the Edward Jones Dome to register the team. After 10 minutes of just trying to find the right entrance we discovered the registration line to be massively long. During our long cue groups of 3 or 4 of us would leave and scout out the whole arena. We found one room that looked over the entire pit area and then later got into the stadium to see the enormity of 8 fields in one location.

After having a great lunch at Bailey’s Range we headed back to enter the pits and uncreate our robot. Things went smoothly until we finished unpacking everything, and realized that we forgot to pack all of the nuts and bolts required to put the robot back together. Fortunately, at FIRST events teams are very helpful and donated all of the bolts we needed. Once we got the parts it only took a few minutes to get the robot back together fully tested.

The first practice matches started at 7:00 PM of which we were the third. Unfortunately the Robot didn’t function as nicely as possible due to battery issues, but that problem has since been solved. The rest of the team arrived from Bellingham a little after that match. Some of us headed to another practice match and the rest of the team went to a seminar on robot planning which I heard was great. As soon as that was over we went to dinner, unfortunately the place we went to closed at 9:00PM so over half the team didn’t end up getting food at this restaurant. Instead they went a block up the street to the same place we had lunch.

We got back to the hotel around 11:30PM and then were sleep by 12:30, but I can only speak for my room!

George Loeppky


04/21/2015  – Tuesday – (First Group Arrival)

Sehome crew is now at our hotel in Saint Louis.    Sweet place but the pool is closed. The flight went well and was completely full with FRC teams.  Now it is time for food!


4/6 – 4/8  – (Preparation for Worlds)

The 2015 Sehome Seamonster robot was crated April 6th.  The crate was painted on April 7th and 8th.  Fed Ex Freight attempted to pick it up April 9th but sent the wrong type of freight service truck.  On Friday, April 10th, FedEx picked up the robot and is scheduled to arrive in St. Louis on April 14th.  Thank you FedEx for donating the freight service!