Team Departments

Our team is designed to replicate the workings of a small business, with separate departments responsible for a specific part of the management. Each department has its own page on the website, with a separate calendar, and are available from the side navigation. These departments are as follows:

Fabrication – Responsible for the building of the robot, any machined parts, and CAD design

Programming – Responsible for programming the robot and any other necessary computer materials

Electronics – Responsible for creating and maintaining the electrical systems of the robot and any custom made sensors

Aesthetics & Marketing – Responsible for managing finances, maintaining sponsor/team relations, as well as team graphics and public appearance

Website – Responsible for creating and maintaining the team website and social media

Video – Responsible for producing and publishing any required videos

Fun – Responsible for keeping the team happy, team bonding, and creating a fun atmosphere

Cleanliness & Safety – Responsible for keeping our work areas clean and safe

Each department has a department head who keeps everything in order within the department. These heads meet once a week collectively with the captain to discuss leadership of the team and assure that everything is in working order. The captain acts as a CEO equivalent and is responsible for leading any and all meetings, and organization of the department heads. Because we believe that students learn best through fun involvement, the leadership maintains a positive, encouraging, and engaging attitude. If there is a fun and motivated atmosphere, it becomes contagious and spreads to everyone.
Within departments there are smaller leadership roles fulfilled by students who have demonstrated the motivation and an interest in them. This works to alleviate stress from the head, and appropriate more member involvement, and allows for member specialization. Examples of this include Pit Area Design & Management as a subset of Aesthetics, or Blog Maintenance as a subset of Website.